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In 1980 WO Rudolf Schmidt was permitted to install a small exhibition with concern towards the history of the Underground Installation (UTA). It was and still is on display within the shop floor area of the unit.
The material collected was given to the Landsberg City-archive. Only the exhibition parts remained in the UTA. This material was used for lecturing purposes within the units based within the Barracks compound.

Scientifically based data for the area of Landsberg concerning the dimension of the situation while building the outer shell of the bunker from summer 1944 until April 1945 was not available with the own resources.

Nowadays the common library of the units contains the basic literature concerning the Project Ringeltaube and connected fields.

Technical Aspects naturally dominated the early lecturing. The total dimension of casualties on the building site during the construction phase was not known to the responsible lecturers until the midst of the 80th. The number of people killed while building the outer shell of the main building was corrected in accordance with the scientifically publicizes figures of local scientist from 1.500 in 1975 to 14500 in 1990.

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